New Series: Senior Secrets

A few nights ago, it hit me: I’m living my senior year of college and things are different. Doors are opening, others are closing. I’m asked big life questions on the daily.  The reality that it’s my senior year is hitting my friends and me harder everyday. So I’ve decided to write about it. 

I’ve started a few blog series in the past (Humans of Seattle Coffee Shops, Start-Up Saturdays, and  General Reviews) which I still hope to continue writing for (even if it’s been awhile).

But this Senior Secrets series has more relevance to my every-day life. I’m hoping to publish a post about my senior year experience or my friends’ senior year experience at least every Sunday. So stay tuned! To get updates on my blog, like my Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter!

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6 thoughts on “New Series: Senior Secrets”

  • Elena says:

    Battlefield 1 Download I cannot wait to read these posts. I am currently in my first year and I would love to know what it is like when you are close to finishing. Of course it is different for everyone but I would like to know what you have to say. As a first year I feel like no one is taking much interest in what we do and few people are motivating us or informing us about what it will be like when we are nearing the end of our studies.

    1. Elena says:

      Sorry for double posting. I left my Norwegian blog adress, lol..

  • Liv says:

    This will be interesting! I can tell you for sure that my senior year differed greatly from the first three, so I think this is a great idea. I used to do lots of series in the beginning days of my blog but now I am just too lazy! Ha.

  • Cat says:

    Looking forward to your new series! I actually don’t remember my senior year that well anymore. (It’s been too long!) It was interesting because I was so used to school by then, but the whole interview and job hunting process was new and nerve-wracking. It was like being in both a comfortable and uncomfortable place at the same time.

  • Michelle says:

    Ooh, sounds interesting~!

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