Fourth of July …in the Philippines?

The 4th of July came a day early here in the Philippines since we’re 15 hours ahead. Being in the Philippines made me forgot that the 4th of July is supposed to be a big deal. I forgot it was an American holiday. Come to think about it, what is the 4th of July really about? Gaining our independence from the British. But it’s turned into a day of eat all you can hot dogs and burgers and hours of fireworks blasting. I think a lot of us forget the real reason we’re shooting off fireworks and eating till we can’t eat no more.

So I forgot.

That is until I attended the U.S. Alumni Club’s 4th of July mixer event at the Manilla Polo Club on the night of the 4th.


Photo taken by Mika Reyes

As a Kaya fellow, I was able to get in for free and meet some of the U.S. university alumni that now reside in the Philippines (or are visiting). There was free food (and beer…yay to those free Apple San Miguels!). We even got these spiffy name tags with our names and universities.

Aside from the massive amounts of free food, drink and networking, we had our own personal fireworks show. It was absolutely stunning and there were no massive crowds making it impossible to enjoy the show. Here’s a little clip that I managed to take:

Happy belated 4th of July to all my American readers!

Today’s Question: How was your 4th of July this year?

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2 thoughts on “Fourth of July …in the Philippines?”

  • Cat says:

    That’s cool that you were still able to celebrate the 4th of July while in the Philippines :) Free food is always nice! I think that’s great that they put on a personal fireworks show for you guys too. It looks beautiful. I celebrated in the way you first described, haha. I was over at a friend’s place for grilled food :)

  • Tiff says:

    Sounds like you had a blast on the fourth of July! I don’t ever make it a big deal, but you know, it’s an American holiday that is the best excuse for blasting off fireworks & eating hot dogs like you said. You had such a unique experience in the Philippines on this American holiday! The name pins are pretty neat. Happy for you! Enjoy your stay there. :)

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