Senior Year: Fall Quarter: The Beginning

After a difficult junior year and three months abroad, I am finally back in a rhythm. Kind of. Like at the end of junior year this past June, I’ve still going through a lot of change. And I’m only about half way through fall quarter of my senior year.

But I’m a planner. So even with it being so early on in the year, I’m already working on setting goals and finding opportunities in preparation for the end of this year. Note, I’m one of those crazy seniors who does a lot. I pray you all don’t get overwhelmed with the list I’m about to share with you:

Taking on More Responsibility in Campus Ministry


I owe it to my first job in Seattle University’s Leadership Development office for helping me develop as a leader and develop my strategic communication skills even before I declared the major. But this year, I decided to move on and try something new.

Now, I work as Student Campus Minister for Public Relations for the Seattle University Campus Ministry office. It’s a few more hours and a lot more responsibility. I handle the office’s social media strategy/implementation, website maintenance and print/digital public relations and marketing from designing the concept and copy to getting flyers posted.

This job is my chance to challenge myself both professionally and spiritually before I enter the workforce.

Branching Out Through Impact Hub

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This year is all about gaining relative experience to the various jobs I want to pursue after I graduate. The past few years in college, I’ve tried out different marketing/communication internships with a few non-profits, a small two-person PR agency and a social enterprise abroad. But this year, I’m branching out.

I love social entrepreneurship so when I stumbled on Impact Hub Seattle’s social media internship posting at 2 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, I quickly revamped my resume and wrote up a cover letter.

With my free full time membership in line and my laptop constantly beside me, I am beyond excited to be surrounded by people who are starting businesses for a purpose (other than simply making money) and to be putting my social media skills to the test.

Networking, Mentoring, Leading with PRSSA

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Networking has been drilled in my head since sophomore year. And honestly, it’s been a scary challenge to overcome but serving as one of Seattle U’s PRSSA Co-Presidents this year has made the challenge less scary. I feel I have a duty to uphold and part of my job is to network with PR professionals to find opportunities for my members. Or at least that’s the way I see it. And who knows, along the way, I may find opportunities for myself.

Considering a Year in Service

I’m graduating a year earlier than all my high school friends. I’m younger than all the college seniors I’ve ever encountered and a lot of the juniors at my university. So why not give a year of my life for service for others? Guess I’ll be working on my Jesuit Volunteer Corps application during Winter Break.

And Still More…

There’s also my continued side work with Kaya Collaborative, my leadership for the Northwest Filipino American Student Alliance and the work I put into my own website and Facebook page.

This blog is part of a blog series I’m writing called: Senior Secrets.

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