5 Annoying Questions Graduating College Seniors are Asked

I never got to experience senior year in high school, because I opted to skip it for the college program that brought me to Seattle University in the first place. But even if I had a high school senior year, I don’t think I would be bombarded with as many of the questions I’ve listed below. Back then, the expectation was that I’d attend a university and major in something. It was always just a question of which university and which major.

But now that the end of my college experience is approaching, the questions I get from people have become frustrating and daunting. They’re just such big questions to ask and it’s only fall quarter, everyone. Read More.

Senior Year: Fall Quarter: The Beginning

After a difficult junior year and three months abroad, I am finally back in a rhythm. Kind of. Like at the end of junior year this past June, I’ve still going through a lot of change. And I’m only about half way through fall quarter of my senior year.

But I’m a planner. So even with it being so early on in the year, I’m already working on setting goals and finding opportunities in preparation for the end of this year. Note, I’m one of those crazy seniors who does a lot. I pray you all don’t get overwhelmed with the list I’m about to share with you:

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New Series: Senior Secrets

A few nights ago, it hit me: I’m living my senior year of college and things are different. Doors are opening, others are closing. I’m asked big life questions on the daily.  The reality that it’s my senior year is hitting my friends and me harder everyday. So I’ve decided to write about it.  Read More.

Humans of Seattle Coffee Shops Blog Series


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For my Persuasive & Critical Writing class, we have to maintain a blog. Whoop, I do that already; assignment done, right? I wish. Our blog has to cover a specific topic and my blog covers all sorts of topics from movies to food to my personal life. So I’ve decided to create a special blog series that I’ll occasionally write posts for during the next month. If the blog series becomes a hit, I might continue it even after I have completed the class.

It took me about awhile to discover what I wanted to write about. Because of my interest in food/lifestyle PR, I wanted to write about something related to that. Yet, I knew my biggest passion involves people. People intrigue me.

Then one day, my professor introduced me to a blog named”Humans of New York.” Basically, it’s a blog dedicated to telling the stories of New Yorkers that the blog owner encounters. Immediately, I wanted to do something similar for Seattle especially after my professor said “I’m surprised no one has done this for Seattle yet.”

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