Senior Secrets: Can We Run From Community?


I put down my Senior Secrets blog series for several months because I’ve just been really busy. So here’s a blog to catch you all up on what’s been happening since my initial post as a college senior.

I never mentioned this but I started this year with the goal that I would not get close or emotionally attached to anyone. Why?

My biggest goal for after college is to leave home. Unlike many college students, I go to college in my hometown, Seattle. And even more unlike other college students, when I started college, my parents and I decided to move into an apartment located across the street from my university. So I never left home. I never got to experience “leaving the nest” aside from my short trips to Panama and the Philippines.

So at the beginning of the year, I set this goal of emotional detachment for myself so that if I left, leaving wouldn’t be so difficult. I experienced some incredible heartbreak half way through my college career, I figured this goal would save me any last year heartbreak. But because I’m the kind of person who can’t resist being involved in communities, over the past half year, I have gotten emotionally attached to a lot of communities: Read More.

Senior Year: Fall Quarter: The Beginning

After a difficult junior year and three months abroad, I am finally back in a rhythm. Kind of. Like at the end of junior year this past June, I’ve still going through a lot of change. And I’m only about half way through fall quarter of my senior year.

But I’m a planner. So even with it being so early on in the year, I’m already working on setting goals and finding opportunities in preparation for the end of this year. Note, I’m one of those crazy seniors who does a lot. I pray you all don’t get overwhelmed with the list I’m about to share with you:

Read More.

New Series: Senior Secrets

A few nights ago, it hit me: I’m living my senior year of college and things are different. Doors are opening, others are closing. I’m asked big life questions on the daily.  The reality that it’s my senior year is hitting my friends and me harder everyday. So I’ve decided to write about it.  Read More.

More than Halfway There

My best friend, Robert and I freshman year (top) and this year (bottom).

Last week, I had my quarterly academic advising appointment. Advising appointments usually involve me working out what classes I will be taking with my advisor. However, since this quarter is my last quarter taking classes in Matteo Ricci College, the humanities college, my advisor told me to apply for graduation by the end of the quarter. Then it dawned me: I’m going to be a college senior next year.

It feels like just yesterday when I was navigating Seattle University’s campus for the first time as a freshman. It hasn’t even been that long since I started high school (especially since I graduated after junior year).

I’m already considered young to be a junior in college. I’ll be graduating before I turn 21. Despite all this, I somehow calculated a way to graduate a quarter early. Read More.